sugar cane


  • Sturdy and strong
  • Refrigerator safe
  • Freezer safe
  • Microwave safe
  • Hot liquids OK to 190° F



  • Compostable
  • BPI ™ Certified
  • Made from sugarcane pulp
  • No plastic or wax linings
  • FDA food contact compliant
  • Factory follows HACCP standards

Bagasse Clamshell

Sugarcane fiber

Our bagasse products are made from fiber materials otherwise unused after sugar production. This is a renewable material resource.


Why Bagasse?

Sugarcane is a renewable, natural agricultural resource. It provides sugar, biofuel, fibre, fertilizer and myriad of by products/co-products with ecological sustainability

After the cane material is juiced the remaining fiber is used to create our products from the remaining plant material. Already preprocessed, what might have been a wasted material is reclaimed, turned into useful items that otherwise might be made from plastic, foam or paper. IFN Green compostable products also eliminate millions of tons of biomass from the burning process, it's likely end otherwise

For single-use products, bagasse provides an environmentally sustainable alternative to traditional plastic and paper food service and packaging disposables.    Sugarcane fiber composts readily, as it is similar to other fibrous garden waste, and normally biodegrades within 30-90 days.

ECO Green bagasse products are ASTM tested and certified by the

Biodegradable Products Institute